XEvil 5.0: the best anti - captcha solution

1 week 4 days ago #227 by Heatherpex
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You work in SEO, SMM, online-marketing, or you work with cryptocurrency ? ;)

XEvil - the best captcha solver tool with unlimited number of captcha solutions, without thread number limits and highest precision!
XEvil 5.0 support more than 12.000 types of image-captcha, included Google captcha, Yandex captcha, Microsoft captcha, Steam captcha, SolveMedia, ReCaptcha-2 and (YES!!!) ReCaptcha-3 too.

1.) <b>Flexibly:</b> you can adjust logic for unstandard captchas
2.) <b>Easy:</b> just start XEvil, press 1 button - and it's will automatically accept captchas from your application or script
3.) <b>Fast:</b> 0,01 seconds for simple captchas, about 20..40 seconds for ReCaptcha-2, and about 5...8 seconds for ReCaptcha-3

You can use XEvil with any SEO/SMM software, any parser of password-checker, any analytics application, or any custom script:
XEvil support most of well-known anti-captcha services API: 2Captcha.com, RuCaptcha, AntiGate.com (Anti-Captcha), DeathByCaptcha, etc.

Our customers save and earn a LOT of money!

Interested? Just search in Google or YouTube "XEvil" for more info
You read this - then it works! ;)))


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